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DBA T3 5000 series brake rotor disc

Excess weight is your auto's enemy. Though it won't lead to a case of drivetrain death, it certainly makes you sluggish—and that can spell the difference between taking first or eating the victor's dust. Cut your suspension's unsprung weight and crank up your braking strength with DBA T3 5000 Series Rotors.

Unlike most rotors, your DBA 5000s boast a two-piece design: hard-hitting rotor surfaces bolted to a featherweight hub. Each rotor features the exclusive tri-symmetrical slot design that serves up maximum vibration reduction for quiet, smooth and strong stops. Then, the reusable hub is carved from aircraft-grade T6 aluminum for weight savings and the power to swap out rotor surfaces without shelling out for new hats.

Designed to handle the heat of the track, your DBA T3 Rotors stay cool under intense pressure. First, they're built from XG150 high-carbon alloyed iron for greater thermal capacity. Then, they're armed with DBA's Kangaroo Paw venting system to speed up cooling. Lastly, they're marked with thermo-graphic heat paint so you can check their peak temps and keep track of wear. And, DBA backs ‘em with a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty.

Product Details


  • Drop the dead weight from your brake system and boost your stopping strength with DBA T3 5000 Series Rotors
  • Custom built for a direct bolt-on fit with no modification needed
  • Two-piece rotor designed with XG150 high-carbon alloyed iron rotor surfaces and aircraft-grade aluminum hubs
  • The reusable hubs detach when you need to replace the rotor surface
  • Carved with DBA’s powerful tri-symmetrical slots for strong, smooth and quiet braking
  • A notch above the already powerful DBA T2 rotors
  • Equipped with Kangaroo Paw venting for faster cooling
  • Built-in Thermal Stability Profiling™ delivers superior high-heat stopping power
  • Thermo-graphic heat paint lets you quickly check your rotors' peak braking temperatures
  • Painted hub fights off rust and corrosion for greater longevity and better curb appeal
  • Sold individually
  • Your DBA T3 5000 Series Rotors are backed by a 12-month/12,000-mile warranty